Parvatam Design has been founded in 1987 with a great vision to build creative stuffs that everyone loves to use it. The firm was originally known as Shiv-Shakti Industries later on was officially renamed as Parvatam Design. We strongly believe that "OUR CREATION IS YOUR SATISFACTION" that leads us beyond the ordinary level of imagination in our products. Along with a small but highly innovative team our creation becomes our next achievement. Throughout this long journey the milestones that we have covered are the symbol of excellence. We make Chariot, Swan, Safes, Swings, Table Lamps, Bed and so many other creative stuffs. Most of the products are made up of CRC metal sheet beautifully handcrafted through electric - gas - spot welding.


Chariot is one of our most artistically designed product, built up on Maruti Omni to introduce new experience in Cultural Events, Religious Ceremony and Marriages. There are mainly 4 wrought iron horses at the front and in the rear traditionally well designed dome followed by luxurious throne.

Both the sides are antiquely made up containing entrance in the middle and chariot wheel which is rotatably functioning left top to centre bottom.

Wedding, ceremonial and cultural events are mainly focusing for these 3 types of chariot model.